Time to dump dia?


So my second styling from Dia & Co. arrived. 

I’m less than thrilled. Maybe it’s time to dump the stylist because it appears I know way more about my likes than they do. 

Maybe that’s too harsh. 

Let’s walk through it. 

I dig the necklace, even though gold is not my preferred choice. Like the shape though so I’m keeping it. 

Next up, a jean jacket that I actually did like. Soft and comfy but… I own 4 jean jackets. Do I need a fifth? I had to let it go. Plus, it was $98. That’s a bit pricy for me. 

The floral blouse caught my eye, even though I don’t like blue. I liked the cut. Then I tried it on. Too tight through the ta-tas. Bummer. 

I like maxi dresses and this one looked comfy. Unfortunately, it was too big under the arms, gaping material. Not attractive. Sent back. 

Last item: ember skinny jeans. Too bad the same colored jeans were sent last month and I kept that pair. Sent these back. 

Bottom line, after the styling fee was deducted, I have an $8 necklace. 

I like the idea of letting someone choose my clothes, but I’m pretty disappointed in what I received this time. 

Shades of gray and yellow


Seeing all these hints of spring – and sunshine – have me searching out color in my wardrobe. 

I bought this dress on clearance at Dollar General for $5.  I like the varying shades of gray. In the summer, tights won’t be necessary but on a windy April day, I’m fine with the look. Tights are Cato brand. 

The yellow cardigan is lightweight. Target, on sale for $7.99. 

Paired this look off with a pair of gray flats. Look out, world! 

Print day


No print on my clothing. We print our weeklies on Wednesday and let’s just say that white isn’t a good color in the print shop. Plus, it’s a fairly casual day as we gear up for the next week

So, I picked a pair of gray skinny jeans from Dia & Company. I recently signed up for the service and received the first shipment of clothing. This was the only item I kept. Granted, these were pricey – $65 – and after the $20 styling fee was deducted I paid $45. I don’t mind – this time – because they are comfy and fit great. Normally I wouldn’t dream of paying that much for a pair of jeans.

The top is from Gordman’s, who filed or bankruptcy so I will have to head there to find a bunch of bargains. Price: $11.99.

Between seasons


OK, so spring doesn’t officially begin until Monday, and it snowed Monday and Tuesday, but it feels like I’m caught in between two seasons. 

Tuesday is deadline day. No interviews. Not a lot of time out of the office. So I wanted something semi-warm and comfy. 

I settled on a pair of Cato jeans, added a cornflower blue cami and topped it was a beige lightweight sweater. The most expensive part of the outfit: the jeans. $26.99. Totally worth it. So comfy. 

Cami cost $6.99 on clearance. Sweater is several years old but cost $11.99 on clearance. 


Winter returns


After a few days pushing toward 60, winter has returned to Nebraska. Wind chill: -2. Boo. 

I’ll need something warm to wear today, but I also have meetings to cover so I need to be dressed up. 

I settled on this outfit. 

The black skirt has leather accents on the pickets and hem. It’s from Cato. Original price: $24.99. I found it on clearance for $11.99. Bargain. 

The black and white striped turtleneck is sleeveless so it will work almost any season, especially if paired with a cardigan. Again, Cato. Original price: $15.99. Clearance rack buy for $6.99. 

I’m pairing it with a burgandy cardigan that’s from WalMart. Honestly, it’s 10 years old but one of my favorites. 

I added a pair of cable knit tights from Lane Bryant. I like them EXCEPT the cable knit doesn’t extend to the waistband. Instead it has a “control top,” like pantyhose. Clearance price: $8.99. 

Necklace is from Cato. 

Braving the weather now. Brr.