Fall Colors on a Maxi Skirt From Cato Fashions


Last weekend, on a rare day to myself, I hit my favorite store and picked up this skirt that I had been contemplating for a few weeks. It’s burgandy – one of my favorite colors – with hints of cream, brown, black, and a pink-orange-rust combo.

Since the paper I’m the managing editor celebrated its 116th anniversary today, I thought it deserved something special. I changed shirts four times and finally decided on this, since it’s supposed to be a warm day in Nebraska.

The skirt is from Cato and was a bargain at $16.99. It may be one of the few items I have paid full price for. 😀

The sleeveless mock turtleneck is also from Cato and has proven to be one of the most versatile shirts in my closet. Bargain clearance price: $6.99.

The faded black jean jacket is eight years old. Gasp! I know, I just can’t part with it. It’s from Cato and I’m fairly certain I only spent $14.99 on it.

Necklace: Cato clearance rack for $.99. Yup, love it when jewelry costs less than a dollar.

The only non-Cato item: a pair of black sandals, which come from Target. Price: $10.99.



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