Comfy and Casual


Comfy casualA couple Sundays ago, I planned on staying home and writing most of the day, getting articles completed for the weekly edition of the paper where I’m managing editor.

Alas, things never go as planned on with an hour left to spare, my husband decided we should held to the local gun show.

“Don’t you need pictures for the paper?” he asked.

Sure. It was freezing that day and I didn’t want to get dressed up because I knew once we return home, I would be back at the keyboard, so I did not change out of my comfy and casual clothing – translation: leggings and a sweatshirt.

Besides, my husband said my outfit was cute. Yes, I am shocked he noticed. 🙂

The fleece-lined leggings were a bargain. I picked them up last April, once they were out of season, from the clearance rack at, are you ready, Dollar General. The price is even better: $2.99.

The off-the-shoulder sweatshirt is from the clearance rack at Cato. I like it because it’s longer than most sweatshirts, plus, it does not feel heavy. Still, it’s warm. Clearance price: $6.99.

I slipped on a pair of imitation Ugg boots, from Payless, that are more than a year old yet still in style. Clearance price, $10.99.

I’ll admit, I received a few strange looks at the gun show, but the majority of the women there – and there were quite a few – smiled and nodded in approval.



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