Winter returns


After a few days pushing toward 60, winter has returned to Nebraska. Wind chill: -2. Boo. 

I’ll need something warm to wear today, but I also have meetings to cover so I need to be dressed up. 

I settled on this outfit. 

The black skirt has leather accents on the pickets and hem. It’s from Cato. Original price: $24.99. I found it on clearance for $11.99. Bargain. 

The black and white striped turtleneck is sleeveless so it will work almost any season, especially if paired with a cardigan. Again, Cato. Original price: $15.99. Clearance rack buy for $6.99. 

I’m pairing it with a burgandy cardigan that’s from WalMart. Honestly, it’s 10 years old but one of my favorites. 

I added a pair of cable knit tights from Lane Bryant. I like them EXCEPT the cable knit doesn’t extend to the waistband. Instead it has a “control top,” like pantyhose. Clearance price: $8.99. 

Necklace is from Cato. 

Braving the weather now. Brr. 


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