Dress challenge, day 5


Brown and cornflower blue skirt from ThredUp ($5) paired with this cute cutout shirt from Cato ($8) on clearance.

Liked the skirt in the beginning but by day's end, decided to share it with one of my daughters.


Dress challenge, Day 4


Temperatures have soared into the high 90/ for the past 3 weeks. Need something cool to wear.

Enter this cute number. Coral/black/cream print from … Dollar General. Yup. Price: $15 (plus I snagged a $12 tip for $6).


The Dress Challenge


A co-worker and I decided we would wear a dress every day until we run out of dresses/skirts.

The only exceptions : Wednesday's, when we print and the week of the county fair.

I began the challenge with this cute number from Cato. White dress with coral and cornflower accents and ruffles under the arms. Original price: $34. My price on clearance: $14.

Paired with cute sandals from Gordmans. $9.

Time to dump dia?


So my second styling from Dia & Co. arrived. 

I’m less than thrilled. Maybe it’s time to dump the stylist because it appears I know way more about my likes than they do. 

Maybe that’s too harsh. 

Let’s walk through it. 

I dig the necklace, even though gold is not my preferred choice. Like the shape though so I’m keeping it. 

Next up, a jean jacket that I actually did like. Soft and comfy but… I own 4 jean jackets. Do I need a fifth? I had to let it go. Plus, it was $98. That’s a bit pricy for me. 

The floral blouse caught my eye, even though I don’t like blue. I liked the cut. Then I tried it on. Too tight through the ta-tas. Bummer. 

I like maxi dresses and this one looked comfy. Unfortunately, it was too big under the arms, gaping material. Not attractive. Sent back. 

Last item: ember skinny jeans. Too bad the same colored jeans were sent last month and I kept that pair. Sent these back. 

Bottom line, after the styling fee was deducted, I have an $8 necklace. 

I like the idea of letting someone choose my clothes, but I’m pretty disappointed in what I received this time. 

Shades of gray and yellow


Seeing all these hints of spring – and sunshine – have me searching out color in my wardrobe. 

I bought this dress on clearance at Dollar General for $5.  I like the varying shades of gray. In the summer, tights won’t be necessary but on a windy April day, I’m fine with the look. Tights are Cato brand. 

The yellow cardigan is lightweight. Target, on sale for $7.99. 

Paired this look off with a pair of gray flats. Look out, world!