Spring is sprung


We’ll after smartphone difficulties that took six weeks to solve, I’m back. New phone – finally! Trying to take a selfie with the iPad was impossible!

Friday was a bit dreary here in Nebraska, but I wanted something springy to wear to the office. 

Luckily, I watched Passionate Penny Pincher’s live Facebook video about these springy, lightweight cardigans that were on sale for 14.99 at Cents of Style. I snagged this mocha one and another version in dusty pink. 

Paired it with a pair of Cato jeans that I did pay 24.99 for but they fit so good and are comfy. The top is a sleeveless print, with light peach, gray and light rose colors. Lace accents. Bargain price: 11.99 clearance. 

Hello spring!

Jeans and a T for under 10 bucks


I hear you. 

“Yeah, right,” you’re saying. 

But it’s true. Stopped by my local Cato store Saturday and picked up these jeans and pink T for $3.99 apiece. 

You read that right. $3.99 per piece. 

That’s my kind of bargain shopping. Comfy, stylish jeans. a Tbwith one of my favorite sayings: She believed she could so she did. 

Every. Single. Day. 

Faux leatherĀ 


So… I was told I was too old to wear leather pants. Really? Is anyone too old to wear a pair? 

Found this pair of fix leather leggings on ThredUP for $6.99. They are Forever21 brand and we’re new with tags. To me, it was a great purchase. 

Paired them with this cute slogan T that I found at Family Dollar, on sale for $11.99, reduced from $15. 

A pair of cream leg warmers – Shopko clearance – $4.99 and tall black boots completed the ensemble. 

Lots of compliments. Me-owwww! 

Plaid and lace


I would definitely wear this outfit to work. Saturday, though, I wore it to my stepdaughter’s bridal shower. 

The mauve lace shirt is sleeveless and has a bit of empire waist feel to it, which I didn’t expect…but I like. Found this gem on the clearance rack at Maurice’s for $9.99. I’ll take it. Paired with a black cami underneath. Gordmans for $6.99. 

The plaid shirt runs small through the chest area. My only complaint. It matches the lace shirt. Originally sold for $38.99 at Maurice’s and was in sale for $30. The day I bought it, the store had a sale offering 25 percent off. Final price: $22.50. 

The only item I paid full price for is the jeans, which I picked up at Cato for $27.99. 

I’m pretty happy with the total package and how it looks. Blushing. 

Sweater dress for comfort


Nothing beats leggings and an oversized sweater during winter months. 

I found a light gray cable knit sweater dress on ThredUP for $7.99. It’s Cato brand so I knew I would like it and how it fit. #secondhandfirst is the way to go! 

Since it’s chilly in the office – and the sweater has short-sleeves, I added a blue/black/gray lightweight cardigan. Honestly, I don’t know where I found this gem. 

The blue/black plaid scarf is from Cato, on clearance, for $2.99. Bargain. 

All of that was paired with black leggings and a pair of short black boots from Payless. 

Perfect comfort in a cold winter day. 

Black and White Plaid


When I was in high school, plaid prints were all the rage. Now, they’re back in so many more choices. 

For instance, this plaid dress was a steal at $14.99 at Gordmans. Had a nice little coupon that knocked if $10. 

The gray leggings were in clearance at Cato. Price: $6.99. 

For a pop of color, I chose burgundy boots from Payless. $24.99. 

Herringbone vest


A year ago, when vests were all the rage, I loaded up on them when a couple stores offered sales. This herringbone vest was on clearance at Old Navy. Price tag: 11.99. How could I say no? I couldn’t. 

Paired it with a mustard shirt, from Shopko. Clearance rack for 6.99. 

The black leggings look like jeans. Found them at Dollar General for $15. They had a blue dot tag sale so I could get another blue dot item for free that day. Found another pair of leggings. 

For fun, I added a cornflower blue and light yellow striped scarf. Cato clearance $2.99. 

Why do I like this look? It’s classic yet contemporary. And … it did not cost a lot.