Print day


No print on my clothing. We print our weeklies on Wednesday and let’s just say that white isn’t a good color in the print shop. Plus, it’s a fairly casual day as we gear up for the next week

So, I picked a pair of gray skinny jeans from Dia¬†& Company. I recently signed up for the service and received the first shipment of clothing. This was the only item I kept. Granted, these were pricey – $65 – and after the $20 styling fee was deducted I paid $45. I don’t mind – this time – because they are comfy and fit great. Normally I wouldn’t dream of paying that much for a pair of jeans.

The top is from Gordman’s, who filed or bankruptcy so I will have to head there to find a bunch of bargains. Price: $11.99.

Plaid and lace


I would definitely wear this outfit to work. Saturday, though, I wore it to my stepdaughter’s bridal shower. 

The mauve lace shirt is sleeveless and has a bit of empire waist feel to it, which I didn’t expect…but I like. Found this gem on the clearance rack at Maurice’s for $9.99. I’ll take it. Paired with a black cami underneath. Gordmans for $6.99. 

The plaid shirt runs small through the chest area. My only complaint. It matches the lace shirt. Originally sold for $38.99 at Maurice’s and was in sale for $30. The day I bought it, the store had a sale offering 25 percent off. Final price: $22.50. 

The only item I paid full price for is the jeans, which I picked up at Cato for $27.99. 

I’m pretty happy with the total package and how it looks. Blushing. 

Black and White Plaid


When I was in high school, plaid prints were all the rage. Now, they’re back in so many more choices. 

For instance, this plaid dress was a steal at $14.99 at Gordmans. Had a nice little coupon that knocked if $10. 

The gray leggings were in clearance at Cato. Price: $6.99. 

For a pop of color, I chose burgundy boots from Payless. $24.99. 

Aztec cardigan


In the chill of late fall, nothing is more cozy than a long cardigan. I saw this Aztec print at Gordmans about six weeks ago but restrained myself from making the purchase. 

But…when the store had a 25 percent off bag sale, I added it. Why not? Original price -$24.99. With the discount – $18.75. 

Makes perfect sense. 

Blue isn’t one of my favorites, but the accent colors – peach, gray and cream -make this a favorite! 

Maroon White and Blue


Found this long button up plaid shirt at Gordmans for $19.99. It’s maroon, navy and white with a hint of aquamarine. The best part of purchasing it – 25 percent off. Gordmans had a bag sale on Nov. 19 and anything I could stuff in a bag earned the discount. Yeah, I went a little crazy. Final cost: $14.99.

Paired it with a pair of blue leggings I picked up at Cato for $13.99. While I like leggings, these are more like footless tights. The material thin so you definitely need a long shirt or sweater to cover up. 

Stripes and prints 


So, I found a new vice: ThredUP, an online consignment shop that sells new with tags, like new and gently used clothing. I’ve placed five orders and only had problems with one (marked plus size but clearly not). 

It’s glorious and fun and dangerous all at the same time. I bride nearly every day and I just sent a polka-dot bag filled with items I weeded out of my closet. Brilliant!

I’ve been searching for a striped dress. Found it on ThredUP. Price: $12.99. Brand: Just Just Love…and I just love it! 

It was pretty dreary here today, so I paired it with a cream/orange/red/tan print scarf from Cato. Clearance rack for $1.99. 

Black leggings:  $9.99 at Gordman’s

I thought about black boots. And I thought about gray boots but decided to pair with the tan boots from Payless. I got these last year, midway through winter for $24.99.