Dress challenge, day 11


How many black dresses can you have?

Not enough.

I grabbed this one at Old Navy for $9 and paired it with a red cami, from Cato, which I snagged for $6.99.

I like the flexibility of this outfit, especially for shoes and accessories.


Sheer beauty


I’m not sure why I purchased this shirt. It’s white. Not bright white but not cream, either. See, whenever I wear white, I become a magnet for spills and stains. 

But this blouse was different. A sleeveless sheer camisole, it features black trim down the middle and fringe trim. It’s different and versatile. Price: $6.75 at Maurice’s in the 75 percent rack. How can you turn down that kind of bargain? 

It’s also sheer, so I paired a red cami under it. Gordman’s, $6.99.

The bolero styles sweater didn’t add enough contrast or pop, but it was chilly and I had early morning interviews. Cato, $13.99 on clearance. 

The Amethyst skinny jeans are comfy and cool. Price, $14.99 on clearance at Gordman’s.